• Grips for the FitLife

Grips for the FitLife

Destroy your workout - not your hands

We tried gloves, tape, and chalk, but they didn't cut it.

Gloves have extra material that traps sweat.

Tape is time-consuming to apply.

Chalk is kind of a mess.

HandBand Pro® gives you the benefit of a natural grip - without the blisters and rips.

What are HandBand Pro?

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"These are incredible when it comes to maintaining your grip! I use these for barbell work and WODs that are grip-intensive. 10/10 dentists would recommend these grips."

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- Elizabeth M.

"I had these on my last Disney vacation. THEY SAVED MY HANDS!!! I didn’t get burns or blisters, and I didn’t have to worry about if they would hit my wheels properly. Probably gonna order another pair too. Truly amazing!!"

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- Brittany A.

"I absolutely love them!! Besides the design being utterly amazing, the fit is perfect and protection against ripped hands is amazing!"

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Angie F.

"Love these grips. Gloves were too cumbersome to take on and off when needed. These can be worn on wrist until you need to put on."

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Michelle V.

I finally ordered a second and third pair after several years and it's only because I needed them for my other gym bags. They last long, fit well, and work well. Great pattern selection too!

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- Terri C.

The best fitness grip

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Mission Support

Supporting our community

When we launched HandBand Pro® in 2014, we received positive feedback from people who were using them for their wheelchairs! 

We began sending free HandBand Pro® to those who use wheelchairs, but the need is greater than what we can do alone. We hope you'll be a part of Mission Support!