SmithShaper® PRO
SmithShaper® PRO
SmithShaper Pro® available at HandBand Pro®
SmithShaper® PRO
SmithShaper® PRO
SmithShaper® PRO
SmithShaper® PRO
SmithShaper® PRO
SmithShaper® PRO
SmithShaper® PRO
SmithShaper® PRO
SmithShaper® PRO
SmithShaper® PRO
SmithShaper® PRO
HandBand Pro®

SmithShaper® PRO

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The SmithShaper® PRO professional is an effective and durable isometric rolling workout exerciser that can be used anywhere to target and develop the glutes, legs, waist, quads, hammies, abs, obliques, lower and upper back, chest, arms, and shoulders.  





25 different exercises are possible on the patented SmithShaper® PRO, making this a great solution for an effective, all over, bodyweight workout.

 For calves, quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, thighs, and hips, include the following:

  • Power Squats
  • Wall Facing Lineman Squats
  • Quadriceps Blaster
  • Sideways Isometric Wall Roll Walks
  • Left Leg Reverse Lunges
  • Right Leg Reverse lunges
  • Left Leg Inner & Outer Thigh Ice-Skaters 
  • Right Leg Inner & Outer Thigh Ice-Skaters
  • Calves/Ankles/Toes Rise Up Wall Rolls
  • Single Arm Lat Raise Wall Rolls
  • Double Arm High Arm Reach Using Abs, Glutes & Hips
  • Single arm Wall Roll Biceps Curls

SmithShaper available at HandBand Pro

Squats are king, and the SmithShaper exerciser is the world's only wearable workout device for perfect posture squats. Squats are an excellent way to strengthen and sculpt lower-body muscles including glutes (butt muscles), hamstrings and quadriceps muscles.

The SmithShaper exerciser rolls against the wall, keeping the muscles activated during the entire squat repetition. Performing the SmithShaper “Power Squats” exercise is a safer alternative than traditional squats, which can lead to, or aggravate, back and knee injuries.


You may think the primary focus of the SmithShaper is lower body muscle development, but the exerciser is fantastic for building and strengthening core and upper body muscles as well! 

  • Abdominal Roll-out (ab-rolls)
  • Plank Walk
  • Bear Walk
  • Core Crusher
  • Core Crusher Combo
  • Pike Tuck
  • Lying Hamstring Curl
  • Dip with Upright Hamstring Curls
  • Chest Fly
  • Spiderman Push Ups
  • Jackknives Obliques Burn
  • Toe push Ankle/Calves Curl
  • Alligator Walk Ankle/Calves
  • Single Leg Mountain Climber (Dual leg Mountain Climber requires 2 SmithShaper units)

SmithShaper for  upper body and core exercises 

The SmithShaper PRO adds stability to your fitness routine because the wheels roll in a straight direction. Designed to sit low to the floor or wall, it helps to provide a safe, consistent, steady, and natural motion. This helps to ensure your exercises on the SmithShaper are productive. The non-marking wheels were engineered and tested to be safe for use on the fine walls or floors in your home or fitness center.


The SmithShaper PRO is a flat rolling platform that enables the user to physically control the speed and the amount of their body weight to each exercise. It is very useful as a physical therapy tool to when recovering from injury. The exerciser can strengthen muscles and ligaments that support injured joints to help improve the joint's range of motion.

For example, eight weeks after rotator cuff surgery, a beneficial exercise is to have the patient place one or two hands on the device and slowly roll up and down a wall (to the extent possible without experiencing unusual pain). The aim is to increase the patient's mobility, extension, strength, and reach. >>>Please note that it is very important to consult your doctor or physical therapist before integrating the SmithShaper into your treatment plan.


  • 1 SmithShaper PRO Multi-purpose Exerciser 
  • 1 Pair of hook & loop elastic straps that can be easily adjusted to fit all body types
  • 1 User Manual (reverse side includes an illustrated 20-inch x 16-inch exercise sheet explaining all 25 SmithShaper exercises)
  • Super Pad (BUNDLE OPTION)


  •  Lightweight, Portable and Compact - can be used indoors or outdoors on sturdy flat surfaces 
  • Six non-marking Thermo-Plastic Rubber wheels and dual ABEC 5 precision bearings on all six wheels - reduces noise, provides added durability and a Maximum Weight Capacity of 400 lb. 
  • Durable ABS constructed housing
  • Dual Carbon Fiber Axles
  • Wide surface area
  • Assembly is NOT required


 • Maximum Weight Capacity: 400 lb. / 182 kg for one user at a time
• Measurements: 12.25 in. x 11 in. x 2.25 in
• Weight: 2.8 lb.
• Model: SS-PRO-01 (Professional Model)

The SmithShaper® Super Pad is a premium quality one-inch thick anti-fatigue exercise pad/knee mat. It has a wide 14-inch surface area to easily fit knees, forearms, lower back or head,  and its thickness ensures excellent cushioning and comfort during your workout. 

The SmithShaper Super Pad is constructed of eco-friendly Nitrile Rubber (NBR) at 90% density. This material ensures strength, protection, flexibility, comfort and longevity. It's soft, flexible and comfortable while also tough, durable and highly shock absorbent. It also repels odor and oils.

The SmithShaper Super Pad is perfect for the SmithShaper PRO, because it provides all the protection needed for knees, elbows, forearms and head when performing SmithShaper isometric rolling exercises such as ab rolls, pike planks, planks, side jackknifes, and lying hamstring curls. 


Material: Nitrile Rubber Material (NBR) at 90% Density
Measurements: 14 in. x 11 in. x 1 in.
Weight: 12 oz.


Save when you buy the SmithShaper® and Super Mat together!

smithshaper pro is a rolling isometric exerciser to develop full body - available at HandBand Pro®


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