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The HandBand Pro® MISSION SUPPORT Program provides a free pair of HandBand Pro® to anyone who needs a pair for their wheelchair, and we've created a hub to connect you to them!

Choose a person from the dropdown to give the gift of great grip and make their day!

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mission support by handband pro provides free handbands to wheelchair users


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HandBand Pro® was created out of a need in the fitness industry for a better grip and hand protection, and the feedback has been incredible!

When we launched HandBand Pro® in May 2014, we also received positive feedback from people who were using them for their wheelchairs! They said they prefer HandBand Pro® over their gloves because they are easy to put on and off, they aren't bulky, they protect their hands and help with grip, and they love how they look. 

"Girl on Wheels" - Jul 15, 2014
"I'm 22 and wheelchair bound - Pushing my chair just has my hands so messed up.
I hate my regular gloves because they take me forever to put on and they look funny on me, but Handbands are so cute & simple, I'm getting more! ; Rubi  

Since then, we receive numerous requests daily about where they can get HandBand Pro® for the wheelchairs. The pictures and requests were both inspirational, heartbreaking, and humbling. Do you know that in the US alone, there are over 3.3 million wheelchair users?? And this - less than 20% of wheelchair/walker users are employed. Because of this, there is a huge need here. I don't know about you, but I take my mobility for granted. My legs work and I complain that I 'can't walk' after leg day.

We began sending free HandBand Pro® to those who use wheelchairs, but the need is greater than what we can do alone. This is where we hope you'll be a part of MISSION SUPPORT!

It may seem small, but we've seen how a pair of HandBand Pro® can make a positive difference in someone's life. Not just because they received a gift of great grip, but they know someone out there with a kind heart chose to send them a pair. Will you join us in spreading a little kindness? We never know what it could mean to someone. 


How does this work?

  • Choose the person you'd like to sponor
  • Add to your cart and complete the checkout process as usual. (Don't worry - we have the recipient's shipping address on file, and you can remain anonymous if you choose.)
  • We will ship directly to them with a note from you if you'd like, and we'll also send you tracking information so you'll know when your gift arrives at the destination. 
  • We'll email you a $5 HandBand Pro® Gift card as a THANK YOU that you can use any time!