HookGrip Pro®

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Hook grip problems are solved with HookGrip Pro®!

Ah yes. The HOOK grip. Great for snatches and cleans - but for your thumbs... not so much. They blister. They hurt. They look... well.. nasty.  And blistered messed up thumbs slow down progress. 

What you need is a little bit of cushion between your thumb and the bar and our patented grip to stabilize the bar in your hand!



The HookGrip Pro® thumb sleeve is the comfortable solution for preventing blisters at the base of your thumb when you hook grip snatches and cleans.

One size fits all and sold as a pair in a cotton drawstring pouch. Constructed of neoprene and our patented no-slip grip for a secure grasp on the bar.

Durable, washable, and made to last.

Can be worn with all HandBand Pro® Grips - Original, Alpha, and V3.