Minimalist gloves by HandBand Pro®
HandBand Pro® minimalist gloves - TAK Black
ALPHA Low Profile Minimalist Grips
How to care for your Messed up Crossfit hands - HandBand Pro® minimalist gloves - Code Blue
ALPHA Low Profile Minimalist Grips
Workout gloves for small hands - HandBand Pro® minimalist gloves - Cerulean City
ALPHA Low Profile Minimalist Grips
Be the eny of everyone else who just ripped their hands on toe to bar! HandBand Pro® ALPHA grips prevent rips - ENVY
Ignite your workouts and save your hands with Ingitor ALPAH minimalist grips by HandBand Pro®!
Save your hands from rips and tears with HandBand Pro® minimalist gloves - Intensity
ALPHA Low Profile Minimalist Grips
ALPHA Low Profile Minimalist Grips
ALPHA Low Profile Minimalist Grips
ALPHA Low Profile Minimalist Grips
'Merica by HandBand Pro® - Low Profile Minimalist gloves for crossfit
How to prevent blisters and rips - HandBand Pro® minimalist gloves - Rage
ALPHA Low Profile Minimalist Grips
ALPHA Low Profile Minimalist Grips
HandBand Pro®

ALPHA Low Profile Minimalist Grips

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How can you crush workout after workout when your hands are completely destroyed before you are? Well, not with gloves or tape! You probably already know this, and you probably have a graveyard of gloves and grips that proved useless to you, like we do!

HandBand Pro ALPHA Low Profile Grips - better than workout gloves

We designed a grip that works WITH your hand placement on the bar. We eliminated all the bulky material that's useless, traps sweat, and bunches up on your palm.

Think about it. All you really need is a grip that protects along your callus line, that lays flat between your hand and the bar, and that prevents blisters and rips. Oh and total hand freedom. We got you covered.  

how to prevent ripped hands from Crossfit

HandBand Pro creates original and patent pending one piece solutions to ripped hands


The finger slits are pre-cut just a half an inch so that you can customize them to the perfect fit for you. Just take a pair of sharp scissors and snip a tiny bit (like 1mm!) at a time until it's comfortable for you.

Remember that the bands s-t-r-e-t-c-hDon't overdo it! You don't want a big gaping hole!


How to customize the finger slits on HandBand Pro® ALPHA

See the finger slits on each side of the grip? Think of them like you do training wheels on a bike. Just like training wheels are not necessary for the bike to fully function, the finger slits do not need to be used to gain the full benefits of HandBand Pro®.

Because they are so different from anything you may have used before, it's sometimes helpful to use one finger slit on each band (with either your pinkie or pointer finger) until you are comfortable with them and they feel like second nature.

Just use one finger on each band. If you put two fingers through, you'll create a large gap between the band and your hand and that just won't do.


Which size HandBand Pro is best for you? HandBand Pro® OFFICIAL size fit most hands. If your hand measures an average of 2 inches or more between the crook of your thumb and the base of your fingers, this size is for you.  HandBand Pro creates a small size grip for very small hands

The ELITE PETITE size is specially created for very small hands. If your hand measures a lot less than 2 inches in width (1 1/2 inches or so) between the crook of the thumb and the base of the fingers (callus line), our ELITE PETITE size may be a better fit for you.

It's important that the top edge of the grip covers your callus line but that it doesn't go up too high on the fingers

  • Designed especially for: Preventing blisters and rips and providing excellent no-slip, anti-fatigue grip with total hand freedom.
  • Fabric: HandBand Pro® ALPHA Low Profile is constructed of a moisture-absorbing, 4-way stretch fabric (nylon/polyester blend) that is super thin and comfortable. HandBand Pro® V3 are constructed of neoprene for additional support. 
  • Grip: a specially engineered no-slip fabric that holds up strongly to wear and abrasion while offering grip in both wet and dry conditions. Waterproof, fire retardant, washable. 

  • Durable: HandBand Pro® are made to last. Based on feedback from our athlete customers, with 5 to 6 days/week of intense use, our ALPHA grips last an average of 1 year! 

Prevent blisters and rips and mess up hands with HandBand Pro

    Keep your HandBand Pro® clean and stink-free, but keep in mind they're like SOCKS in the machine.  why do we lose one sock in the washer? Use a mini mesh bag or laundry bag to keep your HandBand Pro® together in the wash. Better yet, hand wash in cold water with a mild detergent (OxyClean is awesome) and then lay flat to dry.


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