What's the Size Difference?

Sizing is Simple!

The OFFICIAL SIZE fits most hands. They are easily adjustable for a great fit, and even small hands do well with them.

The ELITE PETITE size is specially created for very small hands. If your hand measures a lot less than 2 inches in width (1 1/2 inches or so) between the crook of the thumb and the base of the fingers (callus line), our ELITE PETITE size may be a better fit for you.

It's important that the top edge of the grip covers your callus line but that it doesn't go up too high on the fingers.




My hand measures 2 inches between the crook of the thumb and the base of the fingers (callus line). I can wear both sizes effectively, but I prefer to wear the OFFICIAL size. Notice how the top of the grip on the Official size is still below the base of my fingers and along the callus line.


Below is a pair of HandBand Pro® V3 OFFICIAL size on small hands. Too big! See how the grip comes up almost to the middle of the fingers on the front and the back? These hands need the Elite Petite size. Otherwise there will be too much material between the hand and the bar.

Hope this helps! Feel free to click the chat button (bottom right) and send a photo of your hand. We can help you get the right fit easily!