Ready for TAK?

Be sure to take your measurements and your BEFORE photo before you begin TAK 1!

After each TAK,  meet us at Creation Fitness to log your workout and join the discussion! See you there!

NOTE:  The ABS part of the workout is AFTER the daily TAK and is not included in your time. Rest 3 minutes after TAK and then get to it! You'll burn extra calories during this portion of the workout.


We've got demos for most of the exercises you'll see in 42 DAYS OF TAK. If you are unsure of an exercise, do a search in YouTube. There are lots of great demos!


The goal is correct form. These demos were created in 2013. You will notice some of our form needs correcting. YES! Incorporate the corrected form into your workouts, and we will, too!

Let's do this!

Click the image if you want to see the workout in action on YouTube

TAK 1 - 42 Days of TAK         TAK 2 - 42 DAYS OF TAK


              TAK 4 - 42 DAYS OF TAK