The Story of TAK

Danielle Pettifor - Founder/Creator HandBand Pro®

Hi, I'm Danielle! This is me at age 45 after 25 lbs of fat loss. See below for before photo.

(Oh! And those are HandBand Pro® prototypes I'm wearing on my hands!)


I was the kind of person who would work out for like 2 weeks and eat (what I thought was) really well, and be so proud of myself…and then I’d skip one work out, then two, then eat a huge bowl of ice cream and forget the whole thing because I blew it! Then I'd go several months before attempting to do it all over again.

This went on for 20 years, and then I found myself 25 lbs. overweight and feeling pretty mushy and unhealthy. I had decided long ago that I loved food and I hated exercising. 

This is me at 41 and 25 lbs. heavier in Dec. 2010.

I started eating right and doing TAK on Feb. 27, 2011

In February 2011, I used a body wrap that a friend had introduced me to. I lost 2.5 inches in my belly in 45 minutes. Then something clicked in my head. If I could lose 2.5 inches in 45 minutes doing nothing, how much more could I lose if I actually tried?

It Works Ultimate Body Wrap | How I lost 2.5 inches in 45 minuts

(These wrap photos were taken 4 months after I had already lost the 25 lbs.,but I continue to use the wraps when I get too bloaty.)

I was 42 at the time, flabby, out of shape, breathless taking a flight of stairs, with a muffin top that jiggled when I hit bumps in my car and a belly that layed BESIDE me on the bed. You know what I'm talking about. I realized this was as good as it was going to get.


I decided I wasn't going to settle for 'middle age' and looking or feeling like the 'average American 40+ woman. I refuse to falsely believe in an aging metabolism that creates inevitable weight gain year after year.

I figured the only way I was going to ever look or feel any better at all was if I changed my attitude and my actions. Continuing to do as I was doing would only guarantee more weight and ill health over time.

So, I prayed that God would give me the self control and discipline I needed to make a change. I decided to eat mostly whole foods - you know - the kind that God made for us - and I started working out in my garage 6 days a week. I searched the internet to find out how many calories I needed to cut from my daily diet to lose weight. That was the key, and I'll share this with you in just a bit.

All it takes is ONE MOMENT

I didn't concern myself with losing weight, and I didn't care what the scale said. I just knew if I exercised hard, reduced my calories and fueled my body the right way, something good had to happen. I didn't worry about how long it would take - I just decided to live a healthy lifestyle.

So I chewed handfuls of Tums for my heartburn while I exercised, and I worked out through my IBS stomach pain and headaches anyway. I realized that I had self control in regard to the food I chose because I asked God for that. Totally could not do it on my own.

I created my own exercise routines to include every muscle of the body every day. I didn’t care that people said, “You shouldn't work out so much," "You're crazy." "You should rest for a couple of days between workouts.” I didn’t have time for that. My whole body needed help and I was determined to work it hard.

Besides, I figured athletes who trained every day for their sports use those same muscles day after day. It wasn’t like I was lifting huge weights anyway.  And look at the athletes. Their bodies look fantastic. Besides, I rested at least 12 hours in between workouts. I figured that was enough for me.

I combined weights with cardio, used some CrossFit exercises, made up some of my own, and basically just found exercises online that I liked and incorporated them into my workouts.

Today it has evolved into TAK – Today’s Ass Kickin', but we'll get into that later. 

In 12 weeks, I had lost 25 lbs. (down to 117 from 142) and I'd gone from 27% body fat to 19! I felt so much better at age 47 than I did at 27, and I became one of those people who plans a workout into every day (well, every day except Sundays). Even on the days that I feel like total crap and could use just about anything as an excuse. I just knew I'd feel so much better when it was over! Seriously, I could have a pounding headache, but it would be gone by the time TAK was over.

There are other HUGE health benefits I experienced as a result of the changes I've made. One being the complete loss of my IBS symptoms. Another is my improved posture, lower cholesterol, no more weak bladder, no more sickness (haven't been sick in over 6 years), no more lethargy, no more wearing jeans every day to cover my flabby legs. The list goes on. It's amazing what real food and exercise can do for your body and mind. It reshapes your entire life.

I hope that I can encourage you to make the lifestyle change that will enhance every part of your life. If you're ready for these awesome changes and more, then read on. You can do this, too.

Click here to start by NOT dieting!


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