Not Your Typical Wheelchair Gloves

Pushing a wheelchair takes its toll on your hands. Getting fingers caught in the rims, the friction, calluses, blisters, the grime. Gloves for wheelchairs are really the same gloves they sell for fitness, and just like in fitness, they really don't help much. In fact, they make the problem worse. Your hands are completely enclosed in bulky, sweat-trapping material that bunches on your palm. They are difficult to put on and take off and are uncomfortable to wear for any length of time. It's hard to get a good feel for the rims with all that material on your hands!

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"Girl on Wheels" - Jul 15, 2014
"I'm 22 and wheelchair bound - Pushing my chair just has my hands so messed up.
I hate my regular gloves because they take me forever to put on and they look funny on me, but HandBand Pro® are so cute and simple to use. I'm getting more!!" -Rubi  

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The Solution?

HandBand Pro® wheelchair gloves            

HandBand Pro® designed several grips that work with your hand placement on the rims. We eliminated all the bulky material that's useless, traps sweat, and bunches up on your hand. Our patented designs feature total hand freedom with a great grip for your wheelchair rims.

Our newest UNIVERSAL GRIP - designed with valuable input from wheelchair users - grip and protection right where you need it!

HandBand Pro® ORIGINAL is an all time favorite. Super comfortable and adjustable.

ALPHA's simple band puts the grip right where you need it for help with maneuvering your wheelchair with ease.

V3 offers wrist support and all the coverage you need without the additional bulk. 

Though we can't do much about the dirt or grime or the untimely jamming of your fingers into your rims, we are happy to offer you an easy on and off solution that offers grip, protection and hand and finger freedom!

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  • Prevents blisters and rips

  • Excellent Grip right where you need it
  • Effective one-piece construction 

  • Creates a strong, natural, no-bulk grip

  • Comfortable total hand freedom

  • Versatile custom fit

  • Anti-fatigue, no-slip grip

  • Simple on and off - nothing to attach

  • Constructed of durable, high-performance, moisture-absorbing, anti-microbial fabric

  • Washable -  clean and green

  • Durable - average life span of 1 year!