Never Diet!

Are you trying to lose weight? OK! Now stop TRYING. Trying means you expect it might not work. I know. I 'tried' for years - and it didn't. Looking back, I just didn't understand what it took. I actually believed that if something was sold in the grocery store, it was FOOD. Guess what? Real food doesn't come in packages. Who knew? I was raised on bologna sandwiches and canned Raviolis, and as a child, I just thought green beans came in cans.

Don't get me wrong. My mom loved me, but it was a time of emerging 'convenience foods'. I'm lucky to be alive, really. As a teenager, every day after school, my BFF and I would eat an entire bag of Doritos (each) and drink a 2 liter bottle of Coke as we watched General Hospital. Every. Day. But I digress.

Getting to your ideal weight has nothing to do with going ON a DIET. Diet is just another word for what you eat, in general. Here, you will lose fat by eating basically what you like, but with a bit of tweaking. Nothing to freak out over. Getting lean does take some discipline and self control, but as you see the weight come off, you'll soon realize you have everything in your power to transform your life.

There is no magic pill or ultimate product or machine that will make you lose weight faster than is physically safe. Don't look for one.

There IS, however, a formula that works every time. It's called a Caloric Deficit. You can't lose weight without it. 

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