Move Your Body!

I mentioned exercise, and you're still here? Good for you! You must really want to make a change. That, or the silly video above made you stay. Well, okay. We don't really Prancersize (yes, scary - it's a real thing), but we do have fun!


Here's the deal. Your transformation will be amazing when you combine your new eating habits with a daily workout. You know exercise is good for you. We won't go into all the benefits. You've heard them all before. But you DON'T want to just lose weight and get skinny. Ew. Not a good look.  YOU want to burn fat, gain muscle, lift your butt, get rid of cellulite and feel amazing, right? Of course.


Lifting weights is essential. There are as many workouts, plans, and routines as there are scammers trying to make a buck, but the great thing is you don’t have to go anywhere near a gym or buy any program or product to get fit. You can work out in your own home or garage with just a few pieces of equipment. You can do TAK!


 Want 6-pack Abs?

Here’s some good news: you already have them! They're just covered by fat. You'll uncover them by eating well and by burning  calories – working out.

 As you continue eating right and burning calories by doing TAK, you will lose the fat from all areas of your  body,  and your stomach is no exception. 

 I Don't Want to Get Bulky

 Ummm... you won't.

 Many women are scared they will get big or bulky if they start weight training. You don’t have enough of the  testosterone hormone in your body to make that happen, even if you lift heavy weight.  Men do, and that’s why they bulk up.

Some women choose to, but they have to take testosterone hormones to achieve this.

I’m guessing this is not your goal. However, you don’t want to just lose weight and look ‘skinny,’  you want to be  lean, fit, shapely, and toned.  It's TIME FOR TAK!!

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