How do HandBand Pro compare to gloves?

gloves, tape and chalk don't help your crossfit hands

HandBand Pro® are very different from gloves and everything else you may have tried before. We designed a grip that works WITH your hand placement on the bar, and we eliminated all the bulky material that's useless, traps sweat, and bunches up on your palm.

You'll be pleasantly surprised with ALPHA, our minimalist grip, especially if you're used to tight-fitting gloves or tape or nothing at all on your hands. It offers an unrestrictive, natural grip with total hand and freedom so much more comfortable and effective than gloves. 

The V3s offer wrist support and a bit more structure for heavier lifts. Like the ALPHAs, the grip is just where you need it, and we eliminated the problem of extra bulky material that causes pinched and moisture-trapped skin.