Congratulations! You have successfully completed 42 DAYS OF TAK! It’s time to weigh in, take your measurements, snap your pictures and CELEBRATE!

I know the last 10 days were the hardest with the new diet, but don’t you feel great? You discovered that you have the will power and determination to reach your goals! No doubt you've seen some amazing changes in your body since day 1. Perhaps not so much in scale weight, but for sure with measurements! And how about your increase in strength, mood, and mobility? All good stuff.

I hope you kept a daily photo record of your transformation with the Progress App! SHARE YOUR VIDEO TIME-LAPSE with us and we'll send you a FREE GIFT! Send your video to with the subject line VIDEO TIME LAPSE. (Doing so also gives us permission to give you a well-deserved SHOUTOUT on Instagram and Facebook! Let us know your usernames in the email so we can credit you correctly!)

So, what now? Well, you’re on a roll! You’ve gotten into the routine of carving out a bit of time each day for TAK, you’ve developed better eating habits, and you know how to determine your daily calorie requirements. Continue this lifestyle and you will reach your fitness/health goals in no time!

I encourage you to start back at Day 1. This time you’ll be stronger and have more stamina, so it will be fun to see how you do compared to the first time! 

Or if you're ready for something a bit different, you can jump into the 30/30 Challenge:  

Prepare for Amazing Results!

 Download the free tak app and get fit!


The 30/30 Challenge is a 30 DAY Transformation Challenge. 

Goal - to burn fat, increase energy, strength and muscle tone in 30 days.
Fuel - You will eat clean for 30 days. Check out the Whole30. Also check out this great site for prepping your meals for the week!
Format - 30 Days of 30 Minute AMRAPs (AMRAP = As Many Rounds As Possible) AMRAPS are great for everyone - beginners to advanced athletes - because everyone works to the best of their ability. And every day is just 30 minutes!
30/30 is free with your unlocked version!