Calorie Deficit Level Eating

You know you need to eat fewer calories every day if you want to lose fat, but what does this really look like? Basically it means you have a daily 'budget' of calories and it's up to you to eat only that many calories. Clean eating, dirty eating, paleo eating, whatever, doesn't really matter for our purpose right now. Eat what you enjoy, but deduct the calories from your budget as you go. There is a great app that I use to track daily calories - My Diet Diary.


I highly recommend using it. It's real easy to use, and having a visual really helps keep you on track. 

Remember that video about greedy fat cells? Ok, well that's where good choices come in. Yes, I did say you can eat whatever you like as long as you stay within your CDL. You've heard stories of people losing weight eating only McDonald's for every meal for months and losing weight. It can be done, but really - there are better choices -like food that God created, for example. If it comes in a pretty package or has a long list of ingredients, you might want to think twice.

Let's be realistic, though. I'm not sure why chocolate is not categorized as a main food group. In my opinion, it's necessary for life. Am I going to eat it? Not every day, but YES. Will I deduct it from my daily calorie budget? Yes. See? That's how it works. You just have to realize that those high fat/high calorie treats will usually take away a larger portion of your daily calories than you might want to give up. Some days it's worth it. Most days should be made of better choices, though. That's all I'm saying. 

Alright, now that you see how simple this really is, there's just one more important factor to consider when you're wanting to lose weight. Do you want to lose WEIGHT? Or do you want to lose FAT? It seems like a silly question because we all want to get rid of the blobs, but when your body goes into a calorie deficit, it's got to get energy from somewhere, if not from your calorie intake. Where else might it take this energy from? Your MUSCLES! You don't want that, but your body doesn't really care about that. It gets what it needs when it needs it. So how do we get it to burn FAT instead of MUSCLE?

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