10 Steps to the FitLife!

1) Choose your start day.

Make it Monday! Yes, this coming Monday.


2) Plan your meals. 

If you work, pack a thermal bag with all your meals and snacks. 

I use a great meal delivery program called FitLife Foods!  

3) Plan TAK for the next day the night before!


4) Get your equipment set up. 

5) TAK!!! 

DO NOT wait for motivation, do not complain that you’re too tired, that you don’t have time, or that you’re too sore. Once you get into your workout clothes and get started, the motivation will come. When you start to see changes in your body and in the way you feel, you will become even more motivated.

6) Drink lots of water and stretch after TAK!

7) Focus on form - not speed.

Modify any exercises you need to in order to perform them correctly. 

8) TAK 6 days a week.

If you feel you really need a recovery day, take one. But definitely get 5 days in per week. You'll be sore, but it will get better...AS you work through it. The TAKs are designed to work specific muscle groups each day. Your muscles will have time to recover and build while you're working out the other muscle groups. If you want to get fit, do what needs to be done.

These workouts were designed to make big changes in a short amount of time. Don’t draw it out. Get to work! But work at YOUR level and increase weight and intensity over time as you can handle it.


Don’t panic, thinking it’s too much for you to handle. You can do this if you take it ONE DAY AT A TIME.  Each day you stick with this will build exponential changes in your body.


Take measurements and pictures BEFORE YOU START TAK 1 (even if you don't want to look at them now). You'll be so happy you did when you look back at them later and compare!

Use this app to track your visual progress!



Neck, Arm, Chest, Bust, Waist, Hips, Upper Thigh, Mid Thigh, and Calf. Take these measurements at the same time each week.