UNIVERSAL GRIP - Wheelchair Gloves for Adaptive Athletes

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The UNIVERSAL GRIP was specifically designed for wheelchair users.
We've received valuable feedback over the years from customers and athletes who use HandBand Pro® grips for their wheelchairs. With their feedback, we were able to address their common problems with mainstream gloves and grips!
  • Moisture absorbing, anti-microbial nylon/polyester blend
  • Ultra thin (2mm)
  • Double layered
  • 4-way stretch
  • No slip grip
  • Machine washable
Richard (@wheels2walking) sent me a video after his last 5K! 

 Rudy (@sgtraider) always provides positive, valuable feedback!


 Madeleine even made a cast of her wheel for me to use! 



There are so many others who have provided fantastic feedback and who have inspired me.

 They requested grips that provide:

  • protection at the lower part of the palm and the top of the wrist
  • grip in the middle of the palm, but a little non-grip, too, to produce some slip
  • protection along the base of the thumb and the edge of the pointer finger
  • nonrestrictive comfort and durability


  • Prevents abrasions and blisters
  • Provides grip right where you need it and freedom and soft fabric where you don't
  • Creates a strong, unrestricted, no-bulk grip
  • Provides finger freedom
  • Constructed of super comfortable, high performance, moisture-absorbing fabric
  • Washable and durable


One size! The Universal Grip is constructed of 4-way stretch fabric and fits all hand sizes. See the spacing between the grips on the pointer finger? If your hands are very small, you can cut off the top grip!


For longest use, hand wash quickly in cold running water with mild detergent or OxyClean and lay flat to dry.