HandBand Pro® OMEGA Grips
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HandBand Pro®

HandBand Pro® OMEGA Grips

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Wear the best gloves for Crossfit - HandBand Pro®- and never rip

HandBand Pro® OMEGAs are the ultimate for comfort, grip, versatility, protection, minimal support, and MOTIVATION! We continue to think outside the box, and this version creates a bit more support than our Originals, but less than our V3 grips. It's the perfect grip for heavy lifts, high reps, and accessory work. 


ORIGINAL                                ALPHA                                 V3

The inner band can be used like our ALPHAs, but with the adjustable twist of our Originals. Slide your hand through the inner band for a more secure, natural grip, or adjust for a thicker grip without using the inner band. 

Notice how the grip is parallel to the workout bar and runs along your callus line? This grip placement keeps your hands securely on the bar, and the small amount of movement between the fabric behind the grip takes the friction that causes blisters and rips - instead of your hands. HandBand Pro® is the only grip created to prevent blisters and rips that really works.  

Patented HandBand Pro® grips for tough workouts and wheelchair use

HandBand Pro® OFFICIAL size fit most hands. If your hand measures an average of 2 inches or more between the crook of your thumb and the base of your fingers, this size is for you. The ELITE PETITE size is specially created for very small hands. If your hand measures a lot less than 2 inches in width (1 1/2 inches or so) between the crook of the thumb and the base of the fingers (callus line), our ELITE PETITE in HandBand Pro® Original may be a better fit for you. HandBand Pro Original and ALPHA workout gloves come in two different sizes  

The finger slits are pre-cut just a half an inch so that you can customize them to the perfect fit for you. Just take a pair of sharp scissors and snip a tiny bit (like 1mm!) at a time until it's comfortable for you.

Remember that the bands s-t-r-e-t-c-h. Don't overdo it! You don't want a big gaping hole!

See the finger slits on each side of the grip? Think of them like you do training wheels on a bike. Just like training wheels are not necessary for the bike to fully function, the finger slits do not need to be used to gain the full benefits of HandBand Pro®.

Because they are so different from anything you may have used before, it's sometimes helpful to use one finger slit on each band (with either your pinkie or pointer finger) until you are comfortable with them and they feel like second nature.

Just use one finger on each band. If you put two fingers through, you'll create a large gap between the band and your hand and that just won't do.




No more blisters or rips with HandBand Pro!


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