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We designed the ALPHA POWERGRIP with deadlifts in mind.

The placement of the grip works WITH your hand placement on the bar.  No need for full coverage bulky gloves when all you're looking for his enhanced grip with rip prevention. Lift heavy. Don't rip. 

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Two colors available:

Black with red trim

Red with black trim

HandBand Pro creates original and patent pending one piece solutions to ripped hands


Which size HandBand Pro is best for you? HandBand Pro® ALPHA PowerGrip comes in one OFFICIAL size, and with the Velcro closure, they fit most hand sizes!

  • Designed especially for: Preventing blisters and rips and providing excellent no-slip, anti-fatigue grip with total hand freedom.
  • Fabric: HandBand Pro® ALPHA PowerGrip is constructed of a high performace neoprene that offers maximum grip with minimal fabric. 
  • Grip: a specially engineered no-slip fabric that holds up strongly to wear and abrasion while offering grip in both wet and dry conditions. Waterproof, fire retardant, washable. 

  • Durable: ALPHA PowerGrips are washable, durable, and made to LAST.

Prevent blisters and rips and mess up hands with HandBand Pro

    Keep your HandBand Pro® clean and stink-free, but keep in mind they're like SOCKS in the machine.  why do we lose one sock in the washer? Use a mini mesh bag or laundry bag to keep your HandBand Pro® together in the wash. Better yet, hand wash in cold water with a mild detergent (OxyClean is awesome) and then lay flat to dry.


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