What Can Happen in Just 4 Weeks?

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That's a good question! We're going to find out! Join us this Monday for a 4-week:

TABATEO Fitness Experiment!

 Join the TABATEO Fitness Experiment this Monday!

It's an on-going 4-week experiment to see what results come from completing a 4-week program of TABATAS, weekly yoga, and a transition to clean eating.

Who's it for?

Anyone who wants to feel better physically and mentally!

Specifically for those who:

  • hate to diet and really don't want to exercise, but know that they should. 
  • are starting over, due to an illness or injury (but you've been cleared by your doctor!)
  • are aging and hate it.
  • don't have enough time in the day, but want to get fit.
  • want to eat better but don’t know where to start.
  • are at any level of fitness

What's the Goal?

The goal of this experiment is to lose several total inches and to lower our body fat %. Though we may or may not lose scale weight, this is not the focus. The goal is to fit into clothes better, and to feel happier and healthier and motivated to keep moving forward.


When does the experiment start?

TABATEO begins every MONDAY! Official entries must be received by support@handband.pro to receive your reward.


There’s a reward??

Every person who completes the Tabateo Experiment and submits their Official entry and results will receive a pair of HandBand Pro® Grips and a Tabateo Tank:



Plus you’ll have the reward of your new level of fitness and the excited commitment to continue on this fitness journey!


What kind of results will I achieve?

Who knows? It's an EXPERIMENT! We will surely find out. Seriously, though. Of course you will have fantastic results. You will certainly feel better, leaner, and healthier than you did 4 weeks before you began! This is why we are doing this experiment, though. We want to see what kind of changes are possible in just 4 weeks for participants who follow the program.


https://handbandpro.com/blogs/news/what-can-happen-in-just-4-weeksIs this $5.00 a subscription fee?

No way! It's just $5.00 one time. The TABATEO Fitness Experiment is a complete program that includes:

  • 4-week calendar of programming consisting of 4 TABATA days and 1 Yoga day per week
  • 2 leg days, 1 push day, 1 pull day per week
  • complete exercise demos
    • equipment suggestions 
    • specific and easy to do eating plan with a new focus each week 
    • body measurement and body fat % tracking
    • official entry form for submission
    • reward of free HandBand Pro® grips and TABATEO tank upon submission

    Upon purchase, you will be immediately emailed a download link to access the program.


      What will you do with the results of this experiment?

      We will be compiling and publishing the results of all official participants to show the effects of what 4 weeks of intense exercise and a transition to clean eating can do. By submitting your official entry to HandBand Pro®, you acknowledge that your results may be shared on handbandpro.com and Instagram to inspire others to complete the TABATEO fitness experiment.

      Do you offer support?

      Yes! Join other participants at HandBand Pro® Fitness who are also participating in the TABATEO fitness experiment! They may be starting at the same time as you, they may be finishing up, or they will be anywhere in between! We’re all there to share and talk about the journey, encourage one another and to answer any questions!

      Ready to join the experiment? The First Official start day is Monday, July 29 and every other Monday after that! Join us now! 



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