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  • How long have you been enjoying photography?

About 10 years professionally, but I’ve loved it my entire life. I only started with fitness photography in the last 3 years and my love for it continues to grow. The unpredictability of fitness photography is exciting, and it is definitely a challenging genre that I've learned a lot from.

  • How would you describe your photography style?

I really love to use and play with natural light, and typically I like my images to have a lot of color and pop. I am very fortunate that my CrossFit box has such amazing natural light coming in and the space is ideal for creating beautiful images of badass athletes.

Handband pro and squats and pixels fitness photography


  • What are 3 tips you could offer an athlete who is preparing for a fitness shoot?

I always say the same things to subjects no matter what the shoot is for: Don’t worry too much about the camera, try not to force anything that doesn’t feel natural, and just have fun! I try to create an easy-going and enjoyable atmosphere to make subjects feel more comfortable.

  •  Do you prefer still photos or action shots? Why?

Action, always. To me, the images are much more interesting and tell more of a story. A lot of times you can really feel what the athlete is going through in that moment and it’s great to be able to tell their story.


squats & Pixels fitness photography and Handbandpro


  •  Share an experience you found inspiring/interesting/humorous/shocking at a photoshoot.

In terms of fitness shoots, I’ve been fortunate to catch some really amazing moments. I don’t have a specific one, but many times an athlete will accomplish something for the first time or hit a huge PR and it’s such a wonderful thing to be a part of their journey and be able to capture that for them.


handbandpro and squats and pixels photography

  • What is your favorite fitness activity to stay healthy and in shape?

I’m a huge CrossFit fan - not only for the amazing workout that you get, but also for the supportive community that comes with it. For me, CrossFit makes staying healthy, both body and mind, that much more worth it.

Sasha is based at Maxability Sports and Crossfit in Teaneck, NJ


Thank you, Sasha, for the amazing photos you created and shared with HandBand Pro®!

handbandpro and squats and pixels fitness photography


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