The Team Environment Encouraged Me to Run Faster

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Ryan Cramer is a trainer at Norcal Crossfit in CA, and he inspires us with his awesome personality and tough workouts! He creates a fun monthly challenge called #RCCHALLENGE and anyone can enter to win awesome prizes! If you're not following him yet, get ready for some fun! We are so excited to introduce Ryan as our newest HandBand Pro® Sponsored Athlete. Welcome to the team, Ryan!


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I am the youngest of seven, so I grew up watching and being inspired by my older siblings doing various sports. I always did my best to keep up and tried everything. Long distance running was where I found I excelled.  High school introduced me to cross country and I was hooked. The team environment and my accolades encouraged me to run faster and faster.

After high school, my endurance helped me pay for college and be a part of a new team at Menlo College. It was fun but the coach was against strength training and my knees started to hurt constantly.

Fast forward a few years and I met a woman who was a personal trainer and collegiate javelin thrower. She was super-hot and funny so of course I married her. She was incredibly interested in trying Crossfit so I played along thinking I could handle anything thrown at me. I was lost! Cleans, jerks, snatches, muscle ups… I had no idea what those words meant at the time, but I knew it hurt to walk and hurt even more to get out of the bed, but I kept with it. After a while, I started to make some gains, friends and found myself on a team again! Best of all, all the strength training and mobility work that’s incorporated into the classes cured my knee pain. My only problem was, my hands. I kept tearing during pull ups and aching cycling Olympic lifts.

During my first open season, I gave it 100% and tore my hands every workout. So, I found myself sandbagging the regular workouts to save my hands for the open workouts.  I was considering gloves and stumbled across HandBands. At first I had no idea how they worked so I reach out to their customer service and was blown away with their responsiveness. I was inspired to try them out and haven’t looked back. I love that they protect my hands when lifting or do doing pullups but can slip around my wrist in an instant to better facilitate other movements, like wall balls and burpees.


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