How to be a Fantastic Fitness Photographer

Being part of the fitness community is a privilege anyone who decides to can experience. It's like a collective, positive mindset of winners. Winners, not because they compete to be number one, but because they understand the value of supporting others and putting others first. 

We experience this cohesiveness every day on social media and at events, but I've had the unique opportunity of getting to know several amazing people who make an impact on the fitness community with their photographic style and willingness to share their work for the benefit of others.

When I first started HandBand Pro®, my budget didn't include professional photography, and I did what I could with my phone camera and PicMonkey to create decent photos to showcase my product. 

When I was contacted over the course of a year by four different people from out of the blue who offered to do a photoshoot for me for no charge, I was completely blown away. They asked for nothing in return. Each of these four individuals created a beautiful photo portfolio of HandBand Pro® on the hands of athletes in action. They are incredible. The photos. The photographers. Absolutely blown away by their generosity of time, skill and expense for my sake.

I want to share here the works of Jerry Rodriguez, Amber Bost, Sasha Preziosa, and Christian-Michael Onaduja so that you can get to know some of the extraordinary people behind the beautiful photos of HandBand Pro®, to thank them for their kindness and friendship, and really to showcase their awesomeness!

Each of the photos here will take you to their interview so you can find out about their style, view more of their fantastic work, and glean a tip or two for fantastic fitness photography! I've included contact info and their social sites in case you'd like to work with them. Please let them know I sent you!



Handband Pro and Squats and Pixels Photography



Sasha's positive energy radiates throughout all of her work!



    HandBand Pro and CMO Photography     

Chris's genuine enthusiasm is contagious!




amber bost photography and HandBand Pro      

Amber's passion for fitness shines through her photos!




      Handband pro and geronimo rodriguez photography

Jerry's magic with lighting captures a moment not to be forgotten!





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