OMEGA are the Ultimate Crossfit Gloves

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You've probably seen them by now! Reaalllly excited about the HandBand Pro® OMEGA! Our newest version of Crossfit gloves are super comfortable and so versatile! You're going to love them! 

Crossfit Gloves - Minimalist Gloves - HandBand Pro® OMEGA

Here's the backstory (long story short) - I was designing a band for the feet for yoga. I got them into production and was super excited about it, but once I got the prototypes, I was like .... meh. Nobody's going to want to put these on their feet. Yogis prefer to be barefoot...I think. I do, at least.

I don't consider myself a yogi, but these were just not going to cut it for what I designed them for. After praying about it, I was inspired to take the features of the yoga band and incorporate it into the original HandBand Pro®. Hence, the OMEGA was created! Omega means the final, or last in a series. This is it. It's perfect (in my humble opinion). hee hee

It's not my intent to keep changing it up just to sell you another pair. I'm always looking for ways to make improvements and to make things better or to be more efficient. I didn't plan for this change, but I was certainly inspired to do it, and I am so thankful. I really think it's the ultimate HBP.

That being said, don't freak out when you see another post here in a little bit featuring yet ANOTHER version of the HBP! LOL It's called the ALPHA, and you'll see why soon. (I was inspired to do both at the very same time.)

Thank you for being a part of HandBand Pro®!  Danielle


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