HandBand Pro® Releases Disposable, Minimalist Grip for Crossfit

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PALM BEACH GARDENS, FLORIDA - 06/21/2017 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — HandBand Pro® is quickly becoming the go-to gloves for Crossfit athletes worldwide. Known for their four unique, versatile and patent-pending grips, it's no suprise that they recently announced the release of their fifth and newest grip, HandBand Pro® SECONDSKIN

With the launch of the ORIGINAL HandBand Pro® in May 2014, the Creator and Founder, Danielle Pettifor, disrupted the fitness industry with the revolutionary design that puts the bulk of the material at the back of the hand, an effective grip right where it's needed, and total hand freedom in a one piece band that requires no attachments. With this design comes the well-earned slogan, "Hard Work Required - Ripped Hands Optional". HandBand Pro® PREVENTS blisters and rips.

Each of the four HandBand Pro® designs, besides preventing blisters and rips, offers something unique:

  • ORIGINAL offers total hand freedom
  • OMEGA offers an adjustable grip pad
  • ALPHA offers the most low profile grip
  • V3 offers exceptional wrist support

Each of the HandBand Pro® grips are extremely durable, constructed of high quality materials that last, on average, one year.

HandBand Pro® SECONDSKIN is the brand's first disposable/recyclable grip for competition, and unlike the other four grips, it is made of kinesiology tape that is heat activated and molds completely to the contour of your hand. Designed for single use, but effective for multiple uses, SECONDSKIN offers a completely natural grip that is comfortable, functional, and effective. 

To learn more about HandBand Pro® and all of their effective, functional fitness products, please visit www.handbandpro.com.


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