HandBand Pro® ALPHA Low Profile Gloves for Crossfit are Amazing!

Posted by Daniel Plug in SEO on

So, when I was inspired to make the changes to HandBand Pro® with OMEGA, this happened...

...and here is the ALPHA!!! It is the most low profile grip ever. Only 2 finger slits keep the grip right where you need it, and it's the fastest to put on and off. Better than barehands! I hope you like it as much as my husband and son do! Since they were excited about it, I knew it was a go. LOL My husband says it's for people like him - the twist challenged.

So, what do you think? Comment or question below!


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  • Those look fantastic! Can’t wait to try them. They look like just what I need. What other colors do they come in?

    Ellie on

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