Dedicate Yourself and Keep Trying

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Perspective. A new one. That's what you'll get when you follow Joshua Foster's journey. Through pain and physical challenges, he developed an incredible perspective of life and circumstances that is truly contagious. We are excited to introduce you to HandBand Pro®'s newest sponsored athlete! 


Joshua Foster was born in Birmingham, Alabama. During his time growing up in a nearby small town called Fultondale, Joshua spent most of his days like other boys his age. Despite having asthma, he spent his time enjoying sports such as football and baseball until he graduated high school. From there, he spent time trying his hand at many different jobs trying to find a job that was something that he could enjoy doing long term. He actually spent a great deal of time working for a small company that handled installing window treatments throughout the southern part of the United States.

When Joshua was not working, he spent his time enjoying working out at the gym. He had gained a deep appreciation for working out from watching his older brother and his friends workout in the basement of his home. Beyond spending his time at the gym, he also was active outdoors as well. Some of his time outside was spent playing golf and spending time at the lake, just trying to stay busy and be happy. This life of never being truly happy changed abruptly on March 30, 2013. 

On March 30, 2013, Joshua had spent the day hanging out with some friends watching a movie and just enjoying time with people he liked. His last full memory of that day is getting in the car and buckling up. His next memory is waking up in a hospital in Birmingham, Alabama.  Upon waking, he was disoriented and scared. He had no feeling in his body and he tried desperately to move.  His call for help was answered by a nurse by the name of Hannah who worked to calm Joshua down. She explained that he had suffered a spinal cord injury and that his spinal cord was completely severed. Beyond the devastating spinal injury, he had also suffered from broken ribs and scapula. The combination of injuries caused Joshua Foster a lot of pain.   

Shortly after speaking with the nurse, Joshua was able to see his family. His fear over his situation was great so the only way he could think of to handle the situation was to inject humor into the situation while speaking with his family. He made jokes with his mother about being able to park close to stores for the sales and how he and his older brother could get good seats at any games that they went to. After spending this time with his family, Joshua had a surgery on that Monday that helped to kick start his recovery. He spent four days in the Intensive Care Unit before being moved to Patient Therapy. His time there was spent battling the pain from the surgery and the broken bones. He had staples up his back from the surgery. He began his physical therapy with some light weightlifting with dumbbells and a dip machine. By approaching each of his sessions as he would a regular workout, he made great strives towards improvement.


Within a month, he made the transition from Patient Therapy and was able to go home. Being home was not the end of his rehabilitation. He spent time working on wheelchair bodybuilding in a drive to become stronger and become independent when doing various things around the house. He spent months working hard at improving his health and healing his body. During that time, he also worked hard with the goal of participating in the wheelchair bodybuilding on a professional level. While teaching himself how to do the bodybuilding in a new manner, he constantly reminded himself that there was always reasons to hope and to never stop reaching for his goals.

Joshua's dedication has produced some truly amazing results. He eventually found himself a sponsor in Furst Place Nutrition. He found himself in that unique position due to his great work ethic and by having a good attitude towards what he is doing and also towards his future in his wheelchair. Since going professional with the wheelchair bodybuilding, he has added some great accomplishments to his record. In 2015, he received both the Pinebelt Classic overall and the Vulcan Classic overall. In 2016, he was the Wheelchair Nationals Middleweight/Overall Winner and IFBB Pro Card recipient.   

When looking back on his experiences, both good and bad, Joshua has some tips and some advice for those who respect what he has managed to accomplish over the last few years.  Always go out and learn new things. Be willing to try new things and do not be afraid to reach out for help from those that can help you. You can accomplish anything that you set your mind to if you dedicate yourself and keep trying.




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