• How long have you been enjoying photography?

I bought my first camera when I was 25 – a very simple Nikon that totally sparked my enthusiasm.

  •  What interested you in photography?

The art to express myself and my views – the reaction from the audience, and the vast forms of photography artwork.

  •  How would you describe your photography style?

Expressive, saturated, creative, and open minded 

  • What are 3 tips you could offer an athlete who is preparing for a fitness shoot?
Do a little warm up, stretch, be natural, take a lighter weight in a set-up arrangement, don’t focus on the camera
  •  What do you think the best backdrops are for fitness photography?

Crossfit boxes are awesome, the mixture of steel, industrial environment and complex movements are definitely exciting backdrops - also outdoors and mountain sceneries enhance a shooting 

  • What kind of props do you recommend for a fitness photoshoot?
I like the kettle bell, dumb bell and long bar, as well as the wall ball, and muscle up rings


  •  Do you prefer still photos or action shots? Why?

I do prefer action shots to really emphasize the desired expression of the fitness shooting


  •  How long is a fitness shoot, typically?

Sometimes the ideas advance right on the set, immediately you want to try new things, new perspectives, or a different light setting. A good shooting can last 3-4 hours. 

  • Share an experience you found inspiring/interesting/humorous/shocking at a photoshoot.

It’s really funny, with these first steps into photography I asked my fellow amateur athletes if they would like to do a shooting with me. Their inexperience and my shy ways lead to awkward moments, like: “sorry can I touch you here, can I put that finger there?”. I do like an easy, warm atmosphere and do a lot of easy conversation to break the ice. That helps a lot.

  •  What is your favorite fitness activity to stay healthy and in shape?
I do CrossFit, I guess you know about it, you can’t do it half-assed. You’re either in it or you're not. Since I do live in the Netherlands I also got me a lovely racing cycle – Cycling along the North Sea coastline - its amazing.


About Christian:

Christian-Michael Onaduja, 42, is a dedicated and ambitious crossfitter and hobby photographer. Born and raised in Germany, he currently lives in Amsterdam, Netherlands working predominantly as a Sales Manager in IT.

In 1995, Christian wanted to become a photographer and interned for 10 months at a renowned photography & model agency in Berlin, but somehow, his plans changed. Either way, pictures and photos have ever since been the most expressive way of art to him.

With many good friends dedicated to photography, Christian never thought he could just get close to their level (and he might not have to), but he always knew he wanted to go back to where he once saw his passion. On a trip to Asia, Christian was determined to indulge himself with a new camera, and this was his first step back to what he enjoys with great passion – photography! 

Phone: +31611130110


Thank you, Chris, for the amazing photos you created and shared with HandBand Pro®!


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