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I'm starting over. Five years ago I made a lifestyle change that got me into the best shape of my entire life. I lost 25 lbs. of fat by eating clean and working out intensely with TAK for 6 days a week. You can read that story here if you want. 

So what happened that I would be starting all over again? A spinal injury in April. Annular tears and bulging/herniated discs at L4 and L5. I didn't really do or feel anything specific to make me think, "This is going to suck for a very long time." I just woke up one Sunday morning in level 10 pain that lasted for 49 straight days. 

So far it's been a 5 month journey of healing, muscle loss, fat gain and cellulite.There is decreased mobility in my spine and daily pain is something I've come to accept. I realize that I can't really do the things I was doing before - the squats, deadlifts, pull ups, thrusters, burpees, overhead presses - I'm told this type of injury never really heals and that I need to be careful not to cause further injury. But I have 17 lbs of fat and cellulite to lose! 

Anyone else have this type of injury? How long did it take for you to heal, and what exercises did you find the most helpful? Comment below. I'm know I'm not the only one!




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  • I am right there with you. Last August I had shoulder surgery for a bone spur and torn labrum. Took about a year to recover and then first week of August I broke my foot! Starting over sucks but, I have to do it! Just the motivation I needed today!! Thank you!

    Diane on

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