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HandBand Pro® recognizes and celebrates the hard work and dedication to a fit life, and we are thrilled to announce to you our newest HandBand Pro® Sponsored Athlete - Erika Aragon!  

Erika's posts on Instagram (@eragon375) and Twitter (eragon375) are both inspirational and motivational, and you will be impressed with how hard this girls works! 

I have worked out for most of my life but I hadn’t really made a lifestyle change until recently. I grew up a regular active girl. I loved playing in the dirt, riding bikes, throwing the ball around and climbing monkey bars. I played most of the sports offered in high school, but in college, I only focused on my studies.  
Fast forward about 10 years from then. I was now married, with one son. I was working a regular 9-5 job and I was working on getting certified to become a Teacher in order to spend more time with my family. Yet, I still made very little time to focus on myself or my health. Since I had always enjoyed working out, I joined a local gym and took a few classes. I dabbled a little in lifting weights, but didn’t really have a set plan of what I wanted to accomplish. My nutrition was not good, therefore I was stuck in the everlasting cycle of working out, eating bad, gaining weight, working out harder, eating bad again, gaining weight.. well, you get the idea. Basically, I was lost without a plan. 
Fast forward another 5 or 6 years and I found someone in the internet that changed my life. Her name is Ashley Horner. She was a single mom of 2 little boys and she was in the best shape of her life. I began reading more about her and I became so motivated by this charismatic girl full of energy that just happened to be a beast in the gym. I wanted to be like that, so I purchased my first program.
These types of programs are no joke. You have to lift a lot of weights: Dead lifts, back squats, pull ups, use dumbbells and kettle bells on a daily basis. I quickly realized that lifting so much was taking its toll on my hands. I had calluses despite my use of gloves. I tried different types of gloves and different brands but I couldn’t find the grip I was looking for nor the protection that my hands needed.  Until one day, I noticed that one of my fellow swolesisters on Instagram was talking about how much she loved her HandBand Pros, so I decided to get my first pair.
Honestly speaking, the first thing that appealed to me about these bands was the color. They had such vibrant colors and they had so many to choose from. The second thing that I noticed was that they are not bulky. They allow your hand to breathe. Which means no more germy and stinky gloves. 
When I received them in the mail, they were a perfect fit. I realized that you can secure your bands by putting your index finger thru a tiny little hole next to the rubber grip and this places the band exactly where you need it. For the first few weeks of me using them, I noticed they protected my old calluses and eventually they healed. Now there is no trace of them any more. In fact, if you look at my hands right now, you wouldn’t even guess that I lift a lot of weights on a daily basis. I owe that to my amazing HandBand Pros.   
At this time, I am training with my new coach Alyx Ulbrich. I have been under her care for the past 3 months. She has geared me in the right direction with my intense workouts and my nutrition. Now, more than ever, I need the reliability and comfort that only my HandBand Pros can provide, and why not mention as well, their very stylish look ;) 
If you are at the point in your personal journey where you are committed to fitness, no matter what program or plan you are following, you will need healthy hands. I recommend you give HandBand Pros a try. I am sure you will love them as much as I have and I am positive that you will be very happy to crush your fitness goals and have healthy and pretty hands all at the same time.
I would love it if you can follow my fitness journey on Instagram and Twitter @eragon375
I try to post daily pictures of my workouts, healthy meal ideas, and tons of motivation.  
If you are interested in trying out your first pair, or get a different color, please contact me for more details. I would love to answer any questions you may have about the HandBand Pros.
Thank you,
Erika Aragon


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