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We got to know Ken Constantine because we couldn't help but notice the Neon Lime HandBand Pro® handbands he wore in the workout pictures and videos that he posted on Instagram! Not only that, he's always doing some pretty amazing obstacle work! We love to see HandBand Pro® athletes in action, and to follow Ken on his training journey for American Ninja Warrior is certainly no exception. We applaud Ken for his determination and strength, and most importantly for his inspiration in the fitness community. Meet Ken Constantine of Konstant Fitness - our newest Officially Sponsored HandBand Pro® athlete! 

"Nothing is impossible because the word itself says I'm possible!"

"This quote carries much weight within the heart of us all. No matter what physical hardship you may be going through in life, know that when you feel like giving up the most is due to the fact that success is right around the corner! I want to inspire people. I want someone to look at me and say, "because of you, I didn't give up!" For this reason, I decided just over 12 years ago to strive toward making a difference within the health and fitness industry. However, I had to have a plan of action first. 

I attended the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga while earning my B.S. in Pre-Professional Exercise Science. During this time, I was privileged to have interned at many different rehabilitation facilities earning well over 1500+ hours of experience. I went on to further my education by doing graduate study work at Nova Southeastern University within the Doctorate of Physical Therapy program. I am an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer who holds his American Heart Association CPR/AED/First Aid certification and his Baby Boomer fitness certification as well. Additionally, I am in the process of seeking out an FMS certification as well as a certification under NASM as a Corrective Exercise Specialist. 

More recently, I set out and created my own national brand, becoming the founder and owner of Konstant Fitness where I use the knowledge acquired through my education to train clientele to improve any musculoskeletal limitations, to then further advance every single client toward their goals. 

However, my focus changed in the blink of an eye when I found out that my father was diagnosed with Lewy Body with Dementia; a rare incurable disorder that in his case, includes predominantly Parkinsons with early signs of Dementia and Alzheimers. I have always been a fighter just like him and I made a humble decision around six months ago to try out for American Ninja Warrior (a show my father loves to watch) to not only represent myself and Konstant Fitness within the health and fitness industry, but more importantly to raise awareness for Lewy Body with Dementia. 

The hardest part about training for American Ninja Warrior is the wear and tear it puts on my hands. Over the last few months, I have ripped my calluses over a dozen times and have had to halt my training until my hands recovered. This caused me to lose ground with my training and heightened my frustration that I might lose out on the fact of making it on to the show; a dilemma that I could not face because I am doing this to raise awareness for my father's disorder! This is where HandBand Pro® saved my life and helped me to keep training for my father and everyone else who is fighting for their loved one's as well! 

I had been searching for a product that was not bulky, sticky, messy, etc. I knew I didn't want anything to interfere with my grip due to the nature of the American Ninja Warrior course. Rest assured, HandBand Pro® is the solution for any athlete or individual that needs to protect their hands! I have not ripped another callus since training with them and have actively let the company know just how happy I am with their product and great service to the community. 

I am honored and pleased to announce that I have become an Official HandBand Pro® Sponsored Athlete. Partnering with companies who believe in helping others has always been a goal of mine. HandBand Pro® does just this and I simply want to say thank you to HandBand Pro for your support and belief in my mission within the health and fitness industry!

Please feel free to follow Konstant Fitness and my American Ninja Warrior training at or by visiting us on Facebook or Instagram as well."

- Ken




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