You Call Them Calluses

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I rake the dried and crumpled leaves strewn about my yard and the constant friction of the rake in my hands causes a blister and then rips. Am I excited about this and proud of my messed up hands? No. It flippin hurts! I AM proud of the results, though. My yard looks fanTAStic! It’s funny how some people consider their blistered and torn up hands from working out to be trophies. 

Yes we train hard, but I’m pretty sure we are training for RESULTS. How do you feel? What can you do better because of your hard work? How does your body look compared to last month? These are your trophies. 

You care for your body. You eat right and you train hard. You make choices that lend themselves to improving your performance every day. Your hands are no exception. They work hard for you. Why tear them up unnecessarily? Care for them and you will have less down time. 

Taking Care of Your Messed Up Hands: 

First of all, if you've got blisters and ripped calluses, heal them up quick!

  • Soak your hands in a warm Epsom Salt bath (caution: it may sting a wee bit) 
  • Trim away the soft, excess skin.
  • Pat dry.
  • Treat them with  HandBand Pro® RIP Balm
  • Keep them uncovered, clean and dry.
  • Cover them with Neosporin, gauze and tape while you work out, otherwise don't cover them at all. 


Maintaining Your Calluses:

Ok, so you've got calluses. Good. Keep them. Just prevent them from ripping!

  • Use a pumice stone on your hands in the shower. Don't rub too hard, or your hands will be sore when you work out the next day. 
  • While still in the shower, use a sea/epsom salt scrub with coconut oil
  • After your shower, while the calluses are soft, scrape them down (fingernails work just fine, or use some kind of scraper tool - GENTLY), and then use nippers to trim any excess raised skin so you don't pick at it (or bite at it - we know your type) once it's dry. Don't be too aggressive. You'll do this almost daily. It's a process. Don't gouge yourself.

- Use HandBand Pro® handbands for your workouts. They PREVENT blisters and rips during high-rep WODs. You'll keep your calluses, but they won't rip. Be sure to wash your hands to remove all lotions and oils before your workout. HBP Hand & Grip Sanitizer is great for this, and they keep your grips like new. 

This is pretty simple to follow, and it will make such a difference in your workouts. You don't need to have nasty hands to show you how hard you train. Your body is evidence of that. Protect your hands so you can train better.



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