It's our pleasure to introduce to you an athlete who's inspired us with her courage and her strength. We first saw a post about Shanae Heard on the WOD Nation United Facebook page a while back, and after getting to know her, we continue to be moved by her willingness to help others. Get to know her a little here, and be sure to follow her for more inspiration!

Hello World! My name is Shanae but in the CrossFit world you've probably heard "iLiftNWheels". I am 27 and I am from Auburn AL but I am now residing in Lincoln Nebraska. I was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at the age of 2. Although My Cerebral Palsy is a daily challenge, it doesn't take away from the awesome person I strive to be. 

​I started doing CrossFit in September of 2013 and after one of my YouTube videos went viral on a CrossFit group the owner of HandBandPro contacted me about trying out one of their bands. At first, I thought it was a joke but it turned out to be the greatest opportunity ever presented to me. HandBandPro not only protects my hands during tough workouts but its dedication to provide help for those in the disability community makes me proud to be one of the bright faces of this company. 
 I still wake up most days thinking that the fact that I am a sponsored CrossFit athlete with a disability is a joke but I am so thankful. I am thankful to be a part of such an awesome community and still have pretty hands while doing what I love...
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​Shanae "iLiftNWheels" Heard
Twitter/Instagram: @iLiftNWheels

Dr. Seuss, don’t we all love him?  This is my favorite quote from Dr Seuss as it seriously is a daily reminder to myself. I often get down because I am in a wheelchair and I get frustrated at not being able to do certain things or not having a social life. Yes, I know people but rarely do I get to go out with friends unless it’s planned with transportation or something. I struggle with fitting in and often say well, “oh, they only care because they see me in a wheelchair”.

When I started CrossFit a year and a half ago, I had these real high expectations. I would start walking within a year,  I would compete in competitions and I would get abs. Hahaha..looking back on it, you can’t say I didn’t dream big. Today, I still dream but I dream with an appreciation of everything I have done. The quote on my box is “Better Than Yesterday” and I may not do CrossFit daily but every week I strive to be better than the last. It’s also weird to me because due to the one on one training each week, I’m not around other members much but every time I get there early or attend a function outside the gym, they speak to me as if they’ve known me a while. The other day someone told me “I knew you before you knew me”. I guess you don’t always have to see family to fit in. I’m already ALL IN. I’m just thankful for a coach that pushes me and cares.

I’ve never been one to like the “spotlight” as it’s not about me, its about what I can do for someone else. When Steph Hammerman shared my video it made my life. I mean, it’s #BossLady you can’t go wrong.  As a result of her sharing, I have gotten emails and messages about inspiring others through my videos. I just smile and move on but then when a local company out of Florida wanted to name their product after me, it opened my eyes. I thought, “I’m not that important, I don’t want to bring the company down but Creator and  Owner Danielle saw something. When she asked me to think of a name for the HandBandPro new green color coming out two days after we chatted for the first time. I thought, “okay, what’s one word to describe me?” many words came to mind but one felt right..UNSTOPPABLE.

According to the dictionary, UNSTOPPABLE means unable to stop. There’s been plenty of times in my life where NO, YOU CAN’T and DON’T come up as a reason for me not to do something but…I keep going. It’s amazing that CrossFit and other opportunities have come into my life while there’s so much chaos and reasons to say STOP and hide. I am unstoppable because it never matters how long it takes but that I do whatever it takes…

I’m doing the CrossFit Open with my gym starting this week. I am so scared, excited, and anxious but the competitor in me is ready. ALL IN and UNSTOPPABLE… Shanae

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