We haven't met her in person, but we are inspired by her personality and dedication to living the fit life! We've been following Rachel Golson on Instragram (rachillann) and always look forward to her insightful posts - not to mention her enthusiasm about her Handband Pro® handbands! We are happy to introduce Rachel as HandBand Pro®s very first Officially Sponsored Athlete! Get to know her!

 Rachel Golson - Official HandBand Pro® Sponsored Athlete

 As I closed my classroom door at the end of the 2014 school year, I walked out of my school knowing that summer was going to be filled with the workout program to end all workout programs. Teaching twenty five children everyday is physically and mentally taxing and sometimes at the end of the day you feel like you have no energy left for yourself! I realized that although I was active and lifted weights at the gym, I was overweight and tired of being unconditioned. I wanted to show my students and my community that regardless of your commitments and obligations a healthy and fit life is obtainable and maintainable. I wanted to push through more challenging workouts and create a significant body transformation.  I wanted to promote health and wellness by first becoming an example. Most importantly, I needed to once again match my outer appearance to my inner athlete. 

I have always been athletic but there was a point in my life where my physicality was not a priority and my body stopped reflecting my athlete mentality. I spent several years chasing cardio workout plans and diet programs trying to recapture my former physique until I finally embraced the fact that weight training for strength would propel me to towards my goal of completing a total transformation.


That May of 2014, I began training for a crossfit competition with my best friend only to quickly realize that I would have to dedicate myself to consistently pushing harder than I ever had before in order to complete the competition. After several months of training, I was proud to finish the Ryan Rawls Crossfit competition with my best friend on July 4th, 2014 and I was actually quite surprised that I was able to complete the events successfully within a time frame that seemed quite respectable. That weekend, my friend convinced me to begin the Ashley Horner 1k Transformation contest. I remember seeing my before pictures for the first time and I was absolutely shocked at how big I was despite my activity level. I knew that I would have to push myself and my limits in order to transform. I downloaded my new program, threw myself into my workouts and meal prep, and dedicated the rest of my summer to developing habits and a schedule that I could maintain once the new school year began. The workouts were higher volume and more intense but I knew the lifts from all the crossfit competition training I had accomplished. About four or five days into my transformation program, I began to realize that my hands were the only part of my body that needed a day off!  I felt like I could do more throughout my workouts and I wanted to do more, but my hands simply could not keep up--I had rips, tears, and blisters under my callouses. I took an extra rest day that was most likely the most miserable day of my fitness life simply because I wanted to train but there was no way to push through the pain I felt in my hands. The blisters under my callouses were in a different layer of skin which made things like heavy deadlifts, pull ups, push ups, and even brushing my hair a painful experience. I did not want to stall my training any further so I began asking around for a solution to the problem and HandBand Pros were recommended. I thought, “What a great alternative to using chalk, gloves that cause further problems, athletic tape that I quickly sweat off, and the worst idea of all--callus shaving kits--infection!!!!” I did some research on the product and within an hour I placed my order. The first week I used HandBands, I knew it was a great decision and I was glad that I had not picked any other product line! I was still able to build calluses where I needed them but most importantly, I was able to finally grip the bar for anything from heavy deadlifts to 10 reps of toes-to-bar without having to compromise the workout because of pain or challenges with my grip! HandBand Pros saved me from missing out on what I loved to do and helped me stay dedicated to my transformation process. I ended the first ever Ashley Horner 1k Transformation Contest as one of the top 5 finalists! I have made tremendous progress in my transformation in the past six months and I credit a lot of my ability to continually work on my fitness at an intense volume and level to the fact that HandBand Pros helped me keep my hands healthy day in and day out no matter what was on my training plan. This product saved my workouts and helped me transform my body more effectively!  

I am extremely honored and thankful to be an Official HandBand Pro® Sponsored Athlete because I truly believe that this product continues to help me become the athlete I am! I like that my HandBand Pros have interchangeable grips and I can protect my hands in a variety of ways depending on my training plan! I also love the various patterns and styles that are available.  Please feel free to follow my fitness journey on Instagram by adding me @rachillann!



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