Why Do We Chalk??


Hahah! I just love that.


I never gave much thought to the potential hazards of the fitness world before I started Crossfit. I mean, eating right and working out increases my health. What do I care about a little chalk dust floating around in the air or the dirty blood smears on the chalked bar from the person who ripped on their 54th pull-up before I go to use it? (Well, yeah, actually that last one bothers me more). Ok, I'll be honest. I'm a germaphobe. But there is something to be said for caring for our health besides what we know about diet and exercise.


germs on gym equipment


A little chalk inhalation is relatively harmless ...but what could be ON that lingering chalk dust brings a whole new level of ick to the fitness world. You know that dirty foot smell? It may be made up of Salmonella, Staph, E-Coli and Candida. 


Air samples from gyms have been found to contain this nasty stuff! Think about it. Everybody is chalking, touching, sweating, ripping. It's enough to make a germaphobe give it all up and run away! 
And let's talk about the box owners. Chalk may just be their nemesis.


Hahah! I love that, too.


Crossfit website blogs usually contain at least one post that addresses the problem of chalk overuse and the frustration with it. Here are just a couple: Crossfit Invictus, Crossfit Redondo


So we've got two issues here - health hazards associated with chalk use and the general messiness of this stuff all over the equipment and floors of boxes.


What is it about chalk that it has become an icon of sorts when we think Crossfit? The idea is to relieve sweaty hands so you don't slip on the bar, but "using too much is a sure recipe for hand rips. Too much chalk=ripped hands. Ripped hands=less time for training." (Crossfit Redondo). Kind of defeats the purpose.


What about a solution that increases grip, PREVENTS blisters and rips AND eliminates chalk?

HandBand Pro® offers this. HandBand Pro® is the first and only fitness grip to PREVENT blisters and rips and offer total hand freedom. It's a clean and green way of protecting your hands from blisters and rips, and they also protect you from coming into contact with the bar that you share with all the others who still chalk up and rip. Ick.

These are actual #rippedhands of Crossfitters on Instagram. 


  • soft fabric against your skin - rugged grip against the bar - the very slight movement between the two greatly reduces friction that causes rips and tears
  • incredibly rugged material on palm gives the right amount of grip - yet the feeling of almost nothing there
  • unlike tape that is restrictive and gets tighter as you workout, HandBand Pro® handbands move with you with comfortable, 4-way stretch, moisture-absorbing fabric
  • different from gloves that bunch up at the callus line, HandBand Pro® feels like nothing is in the way of the bar
  • adjustable for the perfect custom fit 
  • simple one piece design - no taping, nothing to attach 
  • assists your grip so hands don't fatigue as easily
  • absorbs sweat for a no-slip grip on the bar
  • constructed of anti-microbial fabric that inhibit odor and growth of bacteria
  • they can be washed over and over
  • the only total hand freedom solution so that your focus is on what matters - results. 
no more ripped hands    

Are you ready to be chalk free?

HandBand Pro® lasts an average of one year, and you can throw them in the wash to keep them like new! If you're a box owner interested in greening up your box, consider becoming an affiliate
Be sure to check out the reviews of athletes who use HandBand Pro® here!
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