Why CrossFitters Don't Wear Gloves

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We Crossfitters can be strangely proud of our ripped hands. Part of this is probably because there really hasn’t been a way to fully prevent it, so we’ve embraced it. Our options have been slim: struggle with bulky gloves, thick pads, sticky tape and messy chalk or don’t. Either way, we end up with ripped hands. When gloves bunch up, it hurts, they trap moisture, we blister, and they just get in the way.

Pads are usually so thick that it reduces our grip strength and the feel of the bar, and tape gets sticky, is inflexible and typically lasts only a couple of workouts. So we resign ourselves to the fact that nothing works. Most of us prefer a natural, raw grip anyway, and we are determined to finish the set unbroken despite the fact that our hands will be a mess and it will take days to recover.

We may be determined to finish the WOD through the rips and proudly show off our nasty hands, but blood-borne pathogens (think MRSA) on community bars is a very scary thing. We tend to forget that the people who rip and bleed are sharing those same bars with us. 

these are actual ripped hands from crossfitters on instagram. This can be PREVENTED with HandBand Pro®!

These are actual hands from Instagram with tag #rippedhands!

Until now, nothing has fully prevented blisters and rips. HandBand Pro® not only prevents the rips that cause you to bleed on the equipment (others will thank you), they protect YOUR hands from the other bleeders who are sharing the same equipment. 

HandBand Pro® is the first and only fitness grip to PREVENT blisters and rips with total hand freedom. Because of their unique one-piece construction, they are fully customizable to your preferred grip, and there is no taping or attaching of any kind. It’s a simple, functional design that works.

This is why HandBand Pro® handbands work so well:

handbandpro best gloves for crossfit prevents blisters and rips!

  • soft fabric against the skin - rugged grip against the bar - the very slight movement between the two greatly reduces friction that causes rips and tears
  • incredibly rugged material on palm gives the right amount of grip - yet the feeling of almost nothing there
  • unlike tape that is restrictive and gets tighter as you workout, HandBand Pro® handbands move with you with comfortable, 4-way stretch fabric
  • moisture-absorbing fabric - say goodbye to chalk!
  • anti-microbial fabric
  • unlike gloves that bunch up at the callus line, HandBand Pro® handbands feel like nothing is in the way of the bar
  • adjustable for the perfect custom fit 
  • simple one piece design - no taping, nothing to attach
  • assists your grip so hands don't fatigue as easily
  • provides a barrier between you and the bar (from those bleeders who refuse to care for their calluses)
  • the only total hand freedom solution so that your focus is what's important - results.

Never. Rip. Again.

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  • Very interested in seeing if these really do work and solve the problem of ripped hands.
    I’m not particularly concerned with ripped hands, it’s the “sharing” of bars with others that have ripped hands.
    GermX sucks in-between sets, when you start to tare.

    Matthew on

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