A Splash of COLOR!

Posted by Danielle Pettifor on

HandBand Pro® handbands launched just last week, and the initial stock of TAK Black sold out within the first two days! It's been so much fun filling the orders and providing a new kind of fitness grip for people who have been trying all kinds of gloves and grips as I have. Since the launch last week, we added several exciting new colors to the collection! Here are just a few:

Interestingly, sales have come from an equally proportionate number of women and men, so for those who think "They look a bit girly", I don't think this has been the case. Well, at least not for TAK Black! 

See? That doesn't look girly, does it? 


We are happy to announce that additional new colors will be released next week as well, so be sure to check out the website soon for updates!


In addition to our HandBand Pro® handbands, we offer Knee High Socks that protect your shins during rope climbs and leg day exercises, but they also express your colorful personality! Our new Neon Pink & Green "YAY! BURPEES!" socks were just added!

If you have a special phrase of slogan you'd like to see on a pair of socks, we are always open to suggestions. If your idea is used, we'll send you a free pair! Just send your suggestions to handbandpro@gmail.com

Thanks for your interest in HandBand Pro®! We value your business.



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