Creation Fitness Announces Launch of HandBand Pro®

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May 4, 2014

Palm Beach Gardens, FL – Locally owned Creation Fitness announced today that it will be offering HandBand Pro® handbands, a revolutionary fitness grip for athletes, beginning Thursday, May 8, 2014.

About Creation Fitness LLC

Creation Fitness owner and HandBand Pro® creator, Danielle Pettifor, offers free virtual personal training through her website,, and facebook page, She creates a workout of the day (TAK - Today's A** Kickin) that is posted by midnight every night on the Facebook page and on her Creation Fitness TAK App (available free on iTunes and Google Play). Danielle encourages others to live the fit life and challenges those who visit her site or Facebook page to set up a home gym with some basic equipment, recruit a friend, and start with the 28 Day Paleo/TAK Challenge. Those who commit to eating right and exercising hold themselves accountable by communicating and posting with her and other TAKers on the facebook page, and they are on their way to a healthier, happier life.

About HandBand Pro®

Nearly 3 years of pull ups and other pulling exercises left Danielle’s hands blistered and callused. After trying every glove, grip, wrap, tape, chalk and pad out there, she was convinced there had to be something that would offer her the grip and hand protection that she wanted – without the bulk. Danielle was inspired to create HandBand Pro® when she asked God to help her, and she credits the revolutionary design to Him. HandBand Pro® handbands are ideal for athletes who need a better grip, reduced friction and no-bulk protection against blisters and calluses from the many pull ups and pulling/pushing exercises that today's workouts inspire, and total hand freedom is one feature of HandBand Pro® handbands that no other glove or grip offers. HandBand Pro® handbands will be sold through her website,, and through local and national gyms and CrossFit boxes.

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To learn more about Creation Fitness and HandBand Pro® please contact

Danielle Pettifor
4160 Catalpha Ave
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33420
Office: (561) 517-0420


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