A Set of Weights in the Garage

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Casey sent in a video review of her using HandBand Pro®, and we just fell in love with her! Follow her and you'll see why! This is one determined woman, and we love following her journey to her next competition! Introducing our newest Sponsored Athlete:

Casey Long

I'm a 36 year old single mom. I bought a house two years ago that had a set of weights in the garage, left from the previous owners. So I decided to start picking them up! I work at the dept of health and have access to weights on my lunch break, so I had no excuse to not workout. I had weights at home and at work. Once I began to see my body change I grew addicted to lifting. It was about six months into lifting when I got the interest to compete. I wanted to challenge myself and thought competing in a bodybuilding competition would be the ultimate way! I looked into the cost, routine and diet.  After a lot of research and prayer I decided to do it! It was a long five months of prep but so worth it!  I competed in my first NPC Figure competition and won 4th place in my height class! I did a second show two weeks after and did not do very well. That only lit a fire under my butt and I plan on training for the next year to compete again and bring a better package. I'm  completely hooked!

My HandBand Pros are amazing!  I love the product and the costumer service! I love how they're adjustable and breathable! Gloves made my hands hot and sweaty, they were so hard to get off.  When I first used mine I couldn't believe how perfect they fit and how comfortable they are. They save my hands and keep them from calluses.  My HandBand Pros are a necessity in my training and without them I'm not the best athlete I can be. I'm so honored to be HandBandPro Official Sponsored Athlete!!


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