OsO.Inkredible and Monsta Matt - TEAM INKREDIBLES NYC

We came across these awesome brothers on Instagram when we saw a splash of The Color Purple and Neon Lime on their hands as they swung, spiraled and levitated on the bars during their INKREDIBLE street workouts! Honestly, we weren't sure how HandBand Pro® would perform on this kind of grueling work on the bars, but Andrew and Matt put them to the test, and we are so excited to announce them as the newest members of Team HBP! Way to inspire, Andrew and Matt - and not just in a physical way, but with your positive words and your obvious love of family.


Whats Up HandBand Pro® and everyone. My name is Andrew Checo formely known as Oso.Inkredible. I am a Calisthenic Bar Athlete. Motivation is a key action in the world of working out. Dont you think so? Well I do. Me and my brother Matthew Checo also known very well as "Monsta Matt", have been working out for years now, but nothing prepared me nor him for what was about to come. Coming from Just a small town in Long Island, a lot of it is very simple push ups, pull ups, then the gym. We got introduced into Calisthenics/ Streetworkout from a high school friend. All of a sudden we took off with it. Although this sport is very intense, one thing that is a must is keeping your hands comfortable and extremely happy. I stumbled across HandBandPro® Grips through instagram and decided it was time for a change. Once purchased, Danielle, who is an excellent person, helped me from beggining to the end with installation and details about this product. Due to the great service and a product that will further my Calisthenic/Street Workout future, I am beyond stoked to be a part of this wonderful team. Together we will only continue to rise, achieve greatness, and stern healthyness.

Monsta Matt
Wassup Everyone My Name is Matthew Checo, but in this small world they call me Monsta Matt! throughout high school i always had abs. everyone used to say it was because i was skinny, not knowing that i used to do situps & crunches at night until i eventually got too tired and went to sleep. Hearing That All The Time honestly motivated me to Not Only prove them wrong but i wanted to better myself & see what I'm really capable of doing. 4 years after i graduated i saw a friend from high school Doing a lot of street workout. i was already doing pull ups, but once i saw what muscle ups were i immediately asked for some assistance to eventually get to that level! what he told me is the same thing i tell everyone till this day who asks me to train them..." I have no problem helping you, but you have to want it for yourself". Thats the motivation and Thats Where i Started My Journey into Calisthenics & Street Workout! One day i Stumbled Across Team Inkredibles on Instagram and saw they trained at astoria park in Queens, NY. My Brother and i pretty much grew up out there so that i felt that was the perfect team for us. long story short, We Ended up Going There, meeting Junior Turbo and actually Had a lot of mutual friends. He saw how hungry my brother & I was and eventually put us
down with the team! The Type of Workouts We do Can Really Kill Your Hands. There has been way too many times where i ripped my hands open, calluses tear and That prevents me from putting my full potential into it. Hand Band Pro Was The Perfect Solution! once my brother bought us a pair each It Was Game Over! Now i can rep out all i want with no hand issues at All. For Pull Ups, Muscle Ups, Dips & Static Holds i Have To Say They're Excellent! Definitely Monsta Matt Certified & i
Use Them Every Day!
Monsta Matt
@monstamattnyc (instagram)
@___oso___ (instagram)*3 underscores on each side of the name.
Junior Turbo
@Junior_turbo (instagram)

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